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      Having lunch with Stephanie. Seaweed salad for both. I'm having Bibimbop and she is having the Las Vegas roll  minus Wasabi. It's all delicious!

    thumb Susan S.

      Ironically enough, the first time I ventured to try sushi was about 5-6 years ago with my brother.  We decided we both wanted to finally try it, and Biwako's was the first place we went.  We have gone back ever since so that alone must be a good sign! :)

    Biwako's is hands down my favorite sushi place.  The restaurant is cozy, the staff is always so pleasant and attentive, and the food is always good.  While the restaurant may be a little smaller, you can choose to sit at a high-top table at the window, take a seat at the sushi bar, or choose a larger table on the floor.  I've never had an issue with having to wait to get a table.  However, if you have a larger group, I recommend calling ahead, so they can accommodate.  

    When you dine in, there is complimentary miso soup and salad (topped with a ginger dressing) served with your meal.  There is a large variety of sushi rolls! Lots of "favorites" on the menu, and there are always specials every day.  My boyfriend and I dined yesterday and ordered the following rolls: Sumo, Sweet Potato, Volcano, and Crunch & Munch.  Our whole bill was just about $35, and practically all the rolls are specialty rolls.  

    Biwako's never disappoints, so I keep coming back!

    thumb Jessy R.

      i go here all the time with my dad and it is so good and the people are really nice. the service is always great and you barley have to wait for take out or if you are dining in your wait is no long.

    thumb Hunter I.

      I visited Biwako Sushi with some coworkers last Friday evening, and found the experience enjoyable, if conventional. To be frank, I have a high bar for sushi, and this venue was pretty similar to the Ann Arbor standard. The venue is small and cozy, with wood furnishings. Our waitress was kind and considerate, often calling-out when she needed to reach over/behind us. I ordered a BiBimBap without the hot stone (which would have been an extra dollar for some unfathomable reason), and my total was around $13 with tip. I'd recommend using hot sauce liberally, in combination with soy and eel sauce. Overall, I enjoyed visiting this establishment, but think it's pretty average considering it's a full half-hour drive from our workplace. If you're near downtown Ann Arbor, I'd recommend checking out Miki for the convenience and quality.

    thumb Murali V.

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