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      This was ok sushi, I did not really enjoy the rolls I picked. They were sweeter than I thought. I will try again and get one of my typical rolls.

    thumb A. T.

      My new favorite bi bim bab!  I come down from Ann Arbor where we're pretty spoiled with good Korean cuisine.  Nice variety of vegetables in the bi bim bab, including seaweed salad, zucchini, carrot,  cabbage, ...  the bento boxes and sushi choices are good, too.  Nice ambience.

    thumb Michele R.

      Solid 4-plus star Sushi and Korean in this small town of Saline, MI.  

    First time in the door at Biwako was a great experience. Conveniently tucked into the strip mall two doors down from the emagine theater, Biwako's servers double-teamed our table giving us recos on the most popular rolls as well as their Korean fare.

    After warming up with the complimentary Miso soup and salad, my wife settled on a classic Salmon on the Beach and a Mango Roll. I jumped for the Veggie Tempura appetizer and a bowl of their Korean Bibimbop. The sushi was totally fresh and well prepared while the 'bop held its own for this part of the Midwest.

    Overall, a solid reco for anyone looking for some good sushi in Saline.

    thumb Al M.

      Always good service and good food. They are reasonably priced and the miso soup is wonderful.

    thumb Janelle M.

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