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      The menu here is very large and I have only had sushi, but would like to come back for noodles/etc.
    They have some great lunch combos and three huge pages of sushi. I have liked 3 out of 4 rolls, and the only roll I didn't care for was because of the "Biwako Sauce" on top, so I would just ask for it to be left off next time. It's cute and clean, they have beer/wine/Sake/spirits which is good, I've not had a cocktail yet though. The service is mostly good, definitely friendly if maybe a bit spacey. Will definitely be making the 30 minute drive to come back soon.

    thumb Jordan P.

      This is a great place if you like sushi. Andy (owner) is very helpful and knowledgeable if you are undecided on what you may like. Biwako always has the freshest food to offer. Been here over a dozen times and not once have I left with out thinking I just had the best sushi ever

    thumb Keegan H.

      Having lunch with Stephanie. Seaweed salad for both. I'm having Bibimbop and she is having the Las Vegas roll  minus Wasabi. It's all delicious!

    thumb Susan S.

      Stopped in for lunch with colleagues... if you love soft drink, then come here on Monday's; Monday's special is free soft drink, granted it's Pepsi products.

    I got the Roll C combo - which is spicy California roll, California Roll and Spicy Tuna roll and let me tell you, they are NOT spicy.  Typically other sushi joints will top the rolls with spicy mayo, but not this place, it comes with no sauce.  You get 8 slices per order, so yeah, I ate a lot... 24 rolls!!

    In addition to Japanese food, they offer Korean foods as well... they have mixture of Japanese and Korean Bento, which is nice.  I personally would avoid the Korean food... if you want Korean food, go to a restaurant that serves Korean only.

    I would place Biwako on my tier 2 sushi joints in Washtenaw county.  Their rolls were ok, not top quality, nothing to make you run around and tell people this is the best sushi  joint in the world.  For the price of the combo, it wasn't bad.  It did fill me up and the server brought out more ginger when I asked.  

    As for service, no bad... granted we were little late getting back to the office.  They had no problem dividing the check into 3 way.  If you stop by, try to stick to their Japanese offering.

    thumb Jason C.

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