Biwako Sushi - Korean restaurant in Saline

      Biwako sushi is consistently fresh and tasty. ┬áMy favorite sushi place, and has the best tako salad I have ever had!

    thumb Wil S.

      Another visit to this Sushi heaven ...Today my fav were Las Vegas, Friday the 13th, King Cobra. My buddy liked Volcano, Las Vegas & Friday the 13th. Sure place to try for any Sushi lover. Good job Biwako Sushi staff & the cook.

    thumb Himanshu G.

      I visited Biwako Sushi with some coworkers last Friday evening, and found the experience enjoyable, if conventional. To be frank, I have a high bar for sushi, and this venue was pretty similar to the Ann Arbor standard. The venue is small and cozy, with wood furnishings. Our waitress was kind and considerate, often calling-out when she needed to reach over/behind us. I ordered a BiBimBap without the hot stone (which would have been an extra dollar for some unfathomable reason), and my total was around $13 with tip. I'd recommend using hot sauce liberally, in combination with soy and eel sauce. Overall, I enjoyed visiting this establishment, but think it's pretty average considering it's a full half-hour drive from our workplace. If you're near downtown Ann Arbor, I'd recommend checking out Miki for the convenience and quality.

    thumb Murali V.

      Once my husband and I discovered this place we love it! We enjoy the sushi with fruit on them and I love the plum wine. I do wish this place was larger though because it is so small and I feel like a bigger place would provide more privacy while dining.

    thumb Hannah G.

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