Biwako Sushi - Korean restaurant in Saline

      Stopped in for lunch with colleagues... if you love soft drink, then come here on Monday's; Monday's special is free soft drink, granted it's Pepsi products.

    I got the Roll C combo - which is spicy California roll, California Roll and Spicy Tuna roll and let me tell you, they are NOT spicy. Typically other sushi joints will top the rolls with spicy mayo, but not this place, it comes with no sauce. You get 8 slices per order, so yeah, I ate a lot... 24 rolls!!

    In addition to Japanese food, they offer Korean foods as well... they have mixture of Japanese and Korean Bento, which is nice. I personally would avoid the Korean food... if you want Korean food, go to a restaurant that serves Korean only.

    I would place Biwako on my tier 2 sushi joints in Washtenaw county. Their rolls were ok, not top quality, nothing to make you run around and tell people this is the best sushi joint in the world. For the price of the combo, it wasn't bad. It did fill me up and the server brought out more ginger when I asked.

    As for service, no bad... granted we were little late getting back to the office. They had no problem dividing the check into 3 way. If you stop by, try to stick to their Japanese offering.

    thumb Jason C.

      Biwako is my favorite restaurant!!! I take all my friends there, especially anyone who has never tried sushi. Usually, I recommend the Las Vegas roll and I don't think I've ever met anyone who hasn't liked it!

    My favorite is the Dirty Old Man. I don't know why they call it that... Do I want to know?? All I know is that it's delicious! Their prices are great! I love the atmosphere there, and the waitstaff is always wonderful!! I also really like the Mango roll, the Boston, and when it's in season the July special. (it has strawberries on it!!!) I would highly recommend anyone to this wonderful establishment!!! I've never had a bad experience there!!

    thumb Lora K.

      Good place to come if you're craving japanese food or korean food! The prices are affordable, the staff is friendly and accommodating, and the selection of sushi rolls is great!

    thumb William B.

      We stopped at Biwako's Sushi Bar while driving through Saline. It was a great find!

    It's a nice big sushi restaurant. Has a lot of tables and a few high tops as well as chairs at the bar. The staff was friendly and busy! We were greeted as soon as we walked in and seated ourselves. The phone rang often and a lot of people came to pick up their carryouts. I say this place is quite popular.

    They have a really great menu. Lots and lots of rolls to choose from. They also have different specials on different nights. We were there on a Thursday so you got $1 off a 20 oz beer. It was nice to find that they had $1 sake shots! My husband has been wanting to try it. They also have a sign hanging with different rolls on special.

    We got a Marilyn Monroe which was Crab, avocado, with Salmon and Salmon roe on top, the Spicy Mexican Roll Cream cheese, jalapeño, avocado, crab, cucumber, deep fried and topped with chili sauces, Spicy California and 2 pieces of Salmon sashimi. My husband had the spicy stuff and said it was all really good. He won't eat raw fish. I thought the roll was tasty and my salmon sashimi was fresh.

    Three rolls, 2 pieces of salmon, 2 beers and 1 shot of sake came to $53 dollars. Not bad at all price wise.

    I also want to add that the customers in the restaurant were friendly and talked to each other and us. It was a nice fun night and we will be back!

    thumb Casie W.

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