Biwako Sushi - Korean restaurant in Saline

      I really want to love this place.  I will be returning to see if I change my mind.

    Although this place is in a strip mall dominated by a movie theatre, it was adorable inside.  You would never know once you were inside that it wasn't a free-standing sushi restaurant.

    You get free edamame, miso soup, and a ginger salad with your meal, which was awesome.  They also have alcohol, which was nice.

    My only problem was the sushi itself- everything we ordered was really bland.  Maybe it was just the rolls we ordered, but my friend and I both agreed that this was nowhere near the best sushi we had had.

    Like I said, I'm happy to try it again and try different rolls and see if my opinion changes!

    thumb Blaise B.

      I went here for the first time this past Friday and got a range of osushi (going outside my comfort zone as I never had eel before). Their Las Vegas roll was beyond amazing - it actually made me weep tears of joy (I just don't DO that...until now, apparently :o ). I had also never tried nihonshu (sake) before, so was able to sit and nurse a bottle while I waited. I wasn't too big a fan of the medium dry stuff. Wondering if they have a sweeter (non-dry/a lot less dry) sake. Will definitely be back this week! Best. Osushi. EVER! Thank you!

    thumb Chi B.

      Would love to review their food. But after sitting at the bar staring at the "chefs" with not so much as a greeting from anyone. We decided to leave after no one even served us tea or even water....

    We only went due to the positive reviews but the "Help wanted" sign on the door already threw up a red flag. The workers that were there looked depressed.

    I'm from Chicago and travel around the world frequently. It saddens me good service and quality food is fairly sparse here in Michigan. If I'm in the area again I'll give them another chance and update. But we won't be back for a bit.

    Side note "Yes, I could've shouted to the chef to ask for what I wanted." Although this act is considered rude here in the US. It's quite common overseas at stand up sushi bars. But the glass in front of the bar was entirely foggy and saturated in water as if their ac wasn't working. So we were unable to even remotely see anything.

    thumb Lewis H.

      I've been going to Biwako for about 6 years now; first to the A2-Saline Rd location before it closed, and now I go to this one in Saline. I love the consistency of the food quality here, and when I want delicious sushi in an informal setting, this is the go-to place. The owner is so friendly, as are the sushi chefs & the severs  - although they are relatively young & inexperienced, it doesn't affect the quality of the dining experience at all. If you're looking for something outside of the hustle of downtown A2, definitely check Biwako out.

    thumb Madeline M.

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